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Shabnam Mostafa, Nutrition Consultant, SureCell Medical [BD] Ltd.
Eid ul Fitr-the most celebrated Muslim festival is just round the corner after a month of holy Ramadan. It is the time when families come together to pray and celebrate this occasion. And we are all going to enjoy this occasion with so many delicious foods but health care needs to be considered which is extremely important for all to maintain quality of life.

Follow the outlined tips to celebrate Eid in a healthy way……

⇒ Who doesn’t love having a bowl of Shemai on Eid day? Actually it’s mandatory on Eid morning. Besides shemai, we all crave other lovely sweets like firni, jorda, pudding, custard etc. especially on Eid day. While making sweet dishes, avoid high amounts of condensed milk, high quantity of extra ghee and be cautious about your use of sugar. Another good idea is to add foods that contain natural sugars such as fruits or dry fruits and also sprinkles some nuts; they will provide additional nutritional value.

⇒ Health tips about any occasion have serious direction towards the meat lovers. Meat is something difficult to digest in comparison to fruits and vegetables. It is better to avoid excessive meat. Take precaution while cooking meat.

  • Don’t mix potato with meat.
  • Look out for the leaner cuts and remove any visible fat before cooking.
  • Major cause of health problems is the excessive use of spices. It is clearly marked that the use of spices should be minimized for better health.
  • Besides these, include plenty of fresh salads when having large meals of meat

⇒ We all know the bad and long-term consequences fizzy drinks can have on our health. The ill effects of fizzy drinks double when you have it with a lot of red meat. Try to skip this habit. Aerated beverages are loaded with sugar and do not do any good to our health.

⇒ While there is nothing wrong in taking some tiny winy bites during festival; over indulgence and excessive consumption of food at once can give your body a grave shock. You might just end up with indigestion and ultimately  Always include a bowl of salad (without dressing) and curd in the form of ‘raita’ or simply try a yoghurt lassi (without sugar) in your lunch and dinner menu. Yoghurt contains healthy bacteria that help fight diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome. It also helps to cool down the stomach.

⇒ To avoid constipation, ample consumption of fruits and vegetables alongside meat is highly recommended. Having plenty of pure water is also crucial along with high fiber.

⇒ Patients with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, kidney disease, should keep alert even though they are spending the festival. They must continue their medication. And if possible consultwith a nutrition expert before festival. Having the right quality and quantity of carbohydrate is the key regulator for diabetes patient. Same as right amount intake of water is very important for kidney disease patients. Besides these, regulating their protein (meat, fish) intake and avoiding the high-salt diet and spicy food is also important.

⇒ Finish off your last meal 2 hours before the sleeping time. After that you can go for long walk for almost 30 minutes to make sure that the food is digested within time and you can easily go to bed feeling light and health

⇒ Keep your routine intact during Eid holidays to be healthy. You must be having too many invites and that too at odd hours. You should design your schedule properly with your heads and eyes open since with overeating of heavy meals on Eid, you cannot afford to go to invitation on the three consecutive days.

Try these above mentioned tricks and you are sure to take care of your health on this Eid-ul-Fitr. We sincerely hope that everyone can spend Eid happily and safely with their near and dear ones.

Best wishes

Shabnam Mostafa

(M. phil in Nutrition and Food Science, INFS, DU) Trained in Malaysia

Nutrition Consultant, SureCell Medical [BD] Ltd.

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