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Valentine’s Day has rolled around yet again. Getting ready to celebrate? Thinking about flowers and chocolates for your Valentine this year? Actually any time a holiday rolls around, can you be guaranteed that sugared-up treats aren’t far off? In my humble option, celebrate this year Valentine’s Day with heart healthy foods for you and your loved one. Just follow these classy planning and your date will be impressed!

Do something Special for your Loved one

Flowers and chocolate might be traditional Valentine’s Day gifts; but there are other sweet ways to show you care. Consider purchasing a fruit basket instead of a box of chocolate. If you are not a chocolate fan, you can even add other ingredients of your choice; like dried fruit, or nuts and seeds. A piece of art or a framed black and white photograph makes you two sentimental.

If chocolate is a must for this special day, go for dark chocolate (more than 80%) which contain natural antioxidants and flavonoids.

Carry the Valentine’s Day theme ‘Thinking Red’ into your Meal as well

Not only red rose denotes the symbol of love; but when it comes to food, red also represents a host of beneficial nutritional properties. For example, red bell peppers, red onions, red cabbage, tomatoes, beet, strawberries, watermelon etc. contain powerful antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber which keep cells healthy.

Cook a Romantic Dinner for you two

Having a dreamy dinner at home can be much more special and healthy than eating out. Instead of going out for this valentine’s day,think about cooking with/for your loved ones at home. The best benefits of cooking at home are you can control both the ingredients and the portion sizes in check. Use unique and healthy ingredients to make the meal special. Be sure to include a lean protein and lots of colorful veggies.

Remember that candles are essential for a romantic dinner, so light several candles and also spread some rose petals on the table. Also think of that this dinner is actually not all about food and decor; it is about you, the way you look and treat your loved one. Hoping that with these simple tips this year V-Day would be the most healthy and impressive one.

If dine out is a must, be smart about what you are consuming…..

  • Consider ordering a bowl of fresh salad or soup for start out.
  • Choose products that contain fewer added ingredients like sugar, salt, sauce etc.
  • Choose lean protein and practice portion control.
  • Ask for your meats with lots of steamed veggies.
  • Substitute veggies for the French fries.
  • And remember, grilled is usually better than fried.
  • Say bye to fizzy drinks.
  • Choose a healthy dessert like strawberry with yoghurt/fruit cocktail instead of ice cream.

Go for a Romantic Walk out

Make a romantic walk together for about 30 minutes before heading out for the day or before going to sleep.

Even if you don’t like to celebrate valentine’s day or are happily single; these strategies can be shared with your friends, family and colleague to make valentine’s day a healthy one as well asto promote better living.

A very happy Valentine’s Day to all of you. Stay loved, healthy and happy always.


Shabnam Mostafa

M.phil in Nutrition and Food Science, INFS, DU

B.Sc. (Honours) in Food and Nutrition, KU

Trained in Malaysia

Former Research Asstt (FAO)

Nutrition Consultant

SureCell Medical [BD] Ltd.

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