Tutti Agibili per un Giorno, the story of an event for the Re-birth of a small town

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August 24, 2016 an earthquake strikes central Italy. Castelsantangelo sul Nera, a very small town in Marche Region, suffers from severe damages especially for its  most important economic activity , the retirement home. Unfortunately a new earthquake in October destroys completely this activity.

This is the very beginning of “ TuttiAgibili per un Giorno”

Francesca Pedanesifounds“ Un aiuto concreto per Castelsantangelo sul Nera”. In the meantime Antonella Grana founds “Progetto Re-Cycle”. Two different organizations, different goals but one objective in common: a different perception on business, business that can be developed mixing up entrepreneurship, solidarity, technology and culture. Francesca and Antonella start cooperating together but, and that’s weird, they will never meet till the day before of the event, June 24, 2017.


Hope, struggle, resilience. Castelsantangelo is very small, 200 inhabitants only, that become 3000 in summer period, it is not famous like Norcia or Amatrice. Its only way to survive is to ask for help on social networks and make media interested in its fight for survival. Castelsantangelo is also asking for help for Ussita and Visso, two small towns not far from it.

Francesca and Antonella first “meeting” in on Facebook. Antonella is looking for pictures of the areas stricken by earthquake for Progetto Re-Building a virtual place of sharing memories (geolocalized pictures, images of those places) from which everybody can get information when rebuilding. Technology and culture start meeting…

What happens next? None of us remember it very clearly, things start moving very quickly. Francesca and her  idea for the event is acquiring more and more “shape” it is difficult to make people understand that the focus is on economic activities and not on entertainment only. Francesca, Anna Tarragoni (Anna is the president of Un Aiuto Concreto) and Antonella start matching local activities with entrepreneurs arriving from other parts of Italy.

It’s more difficult than it seems, we don’t want people from Castelsantangelo to be disappointed and till the very end of the story we are under a sort of “bad luck”. Can you imagine that we have the electric power we need for our stands only at 9.50 when the event starts at 10.00? And this is a small example, that’s bad luck for sure! Daniela Persico from her side, having heard about our bad luck, leaves Naples and arrives in Castelsantangelo on the 24th in the early afternoon…

In any caseTuttiAgibili runs smoothly and is a success.

Now what next?

  • Entrepreneurs from other Italian regions are keeping in touch with local activities
  • A project for tourism linking Veneto region,Dolomiti Mountains and Sibillini Mountains
  • Restorative measures for a small symbolic building
  • Life long learning for a specific target on specific subjects
  • Attracting International attention with the project “take Castelsantangelo sul Nera with you in the world”. Simply print the logo and take a picture with it when you are on holiday. Let us see the beautiful landscape you are seeing

Can you see now why we said entrepreneurship, solidarity, technology and culture mixed together?

Writer: Antonella Grana, Country Manager, SUKONNA Italy

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