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Women LEAD Nepal’s year-long, after-school LEAD Course provides an intensive experience based on practical, hands-on learning and personal growth. In the LEAD Course, young women explore their own identities as leaders and changemakers. The course starts with a two-week Leadership Institute (August 19 – September 1) focused on developing professional skills like public speaking and learning about Nepal’s most pressing issues. After the Institute, each participant invests 200+ hours creating change as she co-leads a four-month School Leadership Program while receiving one-on-one mentoring, career guidance and professional opportunities. For more information, check out

The total cost of the year-long LEAD Course is Nrs. 9,000, which can be paid in lump sum after being selected for the course or in quarterly installments. The fee covers all course materials, unlimited access to our resource center, individualized university guidance, optional English tutoring, a certificate, free lunches and exclusive access to WLEAD events. DO NOT let financial concerns stop you from applying—there are partial and full scholarships available to everyone who needs financial assistance. We are committed to accepting the best applicants, regardless of their financial situation. Scholarship forms will be given out at the in-person interviews.

Women LEAD (Leadership, Education, Advocacy, and Development) has been empowering young women since 2011 because we believe the future will only improve when women and girls lead alongside men and boys. Our vision is of a better world where women leaders co-create the future.
We equip talented and ambitious young women with the skills, knowledge, support community and opportunities to become leaders in their own lives and beyond.

What Should I Expect from the LEAD Course?

● Develop your personality, public speaking and English language skills.
● Successfully transition from college to university and excel in your +2 studies.
● Meet 30 young women who are just like you and join the growing WLEAD community of 200+ leaders.
● Meet amazing women who will teach, mentor, champion, and believe in you, and learn from experts.
● Manage a project and become a role model through co-leading the School Leadership program.

Who Should Apply?

This is an equal opportunity program—young women from all castes, ethnicity, backgrounds, religions, abilities and sexual orientations are encouraged to apply. The basic eligibility criteria are as follows:

1. Female or female-identifying students entering Class 12;

2. Comfortable communicating in English and Nepali (both written and spoken);

3. Able to attend LEAD Course programs from 12pm to 5pm on weekdays, and Saturday events;

4. Commit to fully participating in all aspects of the LEAD Course for the entire year: the two-week Leadership Institute and around 6-10 hours per week in leadership and professional development and mentoring during the rest of the year—300 hours in total.

What is the Application Process?

The LEAD Course has a two-step application process to ensure the most passionate, committed and amazing 30 young women in the entire Kathmandu Valley are selected!

1. Submit an online form at or by 11:59pm on Saturday, July 29th (14 Shrawan).

2. Attend an Interaction Program at WLEAD’s office on either Friday, July 21st (6 Shrawan) or Friday, July 28th (13 Shrawan) from 11am onwards. Bring your parents and friends along if you want.

3. The top 80 applicants will be invited for a 30-minute interview with staff and ex-participants of the LEAD Course at the WLEAD office in Jawalakhel between August 2nd to 4th (Shrawan 18-20). They will be notified via phone. Scholarship forms will be provided at the time of the interview.

If you or your family have any questions about the LEAD Course or the application process, call us at 1.6923979 / 9810.173.331, or send a message to or our Facebook page.

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