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Antonella Grana is the owner of AidA Marketing & Formazione. She is a strategic alliance manager and she is also the president of Progetto Re-Cycle a non- profit organization focused on the cultural aspects of recycling .

Here are some eye-catching parts from Antonella Grana.

SUKONNA: Tell us about you.

Antonella Grana: Hi, I’m Antonella Grana. I was born not far from Venice, Italy. I am 53 but I feel 35! I studied Literature and Foreign Languages (English and French) and I was supposed to be a teacher. I was indeed for some years but I was of a different kind.My real passion was marketing and business, but, again with a different perception

SUKONNA: What is your mission?

Antonella Grana: Integration, that’s the key point of my mission. Integration of marketing and selling, business and culture, training and counseling.

SUKONNA: What is your area of expertise and why is it so important?

Antonella Grana: It is connected with integration. To aggregate what at first sight is difficult to aggregate, work both on cultural/humanistic and technological aspects to find out shared solutions for the company.
My  characteristic is the ability to integrate the various business aspects, and let people talk. I develop this working both with management, or business owners, and staff. I usually work for SMEs and  the main obstacle that I often face is the lack of “soul” or company identity. Therefore I start from “inside” the company to build up a reinforced company identity .

SUKONNA: How do you set goals and stay productive?

Antonella Grana: I can work even at night. When I want to achieve something nobody can stop me, I love what I do. I must confess that I am a “night owl” and I need at least three cups of coffee to wake up in the morning.

Antonella Grana with her Sister (On the right)

SUKONNA: What makes you happy?

Antonella Grana: My husband, my family and my cats.

SUKONNA: What has been your biggest challenge so far with running your career?

Antonella Grana: Make people understand that we can talk about “business culture” and that you can find a balance between profit and ethic. This is the reason why I started Progetto Re-Cycle, we need a different perception on business. And guess what. I have found a lot of people working on the same idea.

SUKONNA: How did you overcome these challenges?

Antonella Grana: Talking with my husband, friends and listening to other people.

SUKONNA: How do you keep motivated through difficult times?

Antonella Grana: I don’t know how but I know I can.



SUKONNA: Who inspires you?

Antonella Grana: Everybody can inspire me, depending on the situation.

SUKONNA: What is your biggest achievement?

Antonella Grana: Mmmmm …..maybestill to come. When I start considering something my biggest achievement, here we are: there’s something bigger!

SUKONNA: What advice would you give to other women?

Antonella Grana: We are not in competition with men. Simply we don’t need to compete. We are different and we do not need to pretend to be men.

SUKONNA: What is your future plan?

Antonella Grana: Very near future. Some holiday please!

SUKONNA: Before we finish taking your interview, we would like to ask you about your Favorite Quotes.

“After all, tomorrow is another day.”

SUKONNA:  Thanks a lot, Antonella Grana for sharing your story with our readers!

Antonella Grana: Thanks SUKONNA!

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