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Daniela Barbara Persico is a young writer,travel junkie and Food fanatic. She started her career as a civil lawyer. Now she is a freelance social media strategist. She is also a contributor at Google Local Guides.

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SUKONNA: Tell us about you.

Daniela Barbara Persico: Hi, I’m Daniela Barbara Persico. I was born on1981 in Italy, precisely in Naples, one of the most beautiful cities in the entire world.I was a civil lawyer for about 8 years, while I was writing about food, art and generally about culture and society, then I left my profession to become a social media strategist.

SUKONNA: What is your mission?

Daniela Barbara Persico: My mission is to share good things, good persons, and good places. I’d love to share everything that can bring love and happiness.

SUKONNA: What is your area of expertise and why is it so important?

Daniela Barbara Persico: I’m mostly interested in contemporary arts, visual arts, food, wine, literature, music and on/off line communication. They are so important, because I’m sure that through these things we can really make the world a better place! As FedorDostoevskij said: “Beauty can change the world”.

SUKONNA: How do you set goals and stay productive?

Daniela Barbara Persico: As a freelance, I’ve got the huge opportunity to organize my working time in the way I want. Then I’ve to admit that I have a dramatic problem with insomnia, so I usually use night time to organize and program everything I’ve to do during the normal working time.

SUKONNA: What makes you happy?

Daniela Barbara Persico: Love. I love to love. I know every person in the world would like to love and to be loved back.However, growing up, I’ve learnt a lesson: love is everywhere we can obtain and make love with everything in our life. Even in the worst moment, love can make us free and happier.

SUKONNA: What has been your biggest challenge so far with running your career?

Daniela Barbara Persico: Keeping my commitment high and be always reasonable and kind to my clients even when I’m tired.

SUKONNA: How did you overcome these challenges?

Daniela Barbara Persico: With experience and keeping on studying and talking with other specialists, I overcome the challenges. I’m quite sure that we can learn from people ofall sorts, even from younger people.

SUKONNA: How do you keep motivated through difficult times?

Daniela Barbara Persico: Staying positive.

SUKONNA: Who inspires you?

Daniela Barbara Persico: My beloved dad who passed away more than ten years ago. He was a famous cardiologist.

SUKONNA: What is your biggest achievement?

Daniela Barbara Persico: My Clients’ smiles.

SUKONNA: What advice would you give to other women?

Daniela Barbara Persico: It’s no more men’s world. Now, we are the ones who run the world!

SUKONNA: What is your future plan?

Daniela Barbara Persico: Being happy.this is it!

SUKONNA: Before we finish taking your interview, we would like to ask you about your Favorite Quotes.

“Smile, though your heart is aching,

Smile, even though it’s breaking.”

SUKONNA:  Thanks a lot, Barbara Persico for sharing your story with our readers!

Daniela Barbara Persico: Thanks to SUKONNA! I wish SUKONNA good luck!

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