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Shiwani V Maya is a young, motivated, hardworking  entrepreneur in Nepal.  She established Working As Angels (WAA) in 2013.


Working As Angels (WAA) is a non-profit social organization established to promote education, health and happiness in Nepal as well as empower Nepalese women and support marginalized population.


Here are some eye-catching parts from the founder of Working As Angels (WAA) Miss. Shiwani V Maya.


SUKONNA: Tell us about U?

Shiwani V Maya: I am Shiwani Maya, Maya isn’t my real last name it’s a name I choose for myself because Maya translates as love in my language ( Nepali) and love is my religion.
But if I am to introduce you formally, I am Founder & President of an NGO called Working As Angels (WAA), and gender equality educator, and am a Health Care Management Graduate and a Non-violence promoter I guess.


SUKONNA: Tell us about Ur organization?

Shiwani V Maya:  Working As Angels (WAA) is a non-profit social organization established to promote education, health and happiness in Nepal as well as empower Nepalese women and support marginalized population. It focuses on minimizing traditional socio-cultural taboos & inequality.

WAA’s constitution is made based on the Organization Registration Act-2034 of the Government of Nepal. WAA is now working as a registered NGO (2016) however since its’ establishment in 2013 it has successfully organized numerous fundraisers and has conducted various programs promoting compassion and empathy in Nepalese society.
WAA is a family of 4 core working team, and 6 interns and we are not being sexist but all of us are women. It must be because of the name “angels” or just a coincidence.


SUKONNA: How did you start?

Shiwani V Maya: I started it as a Facebook page, with a sole intension to promote compassion & empathy. I just feel like everyone has angels in us, but we just need that reminder call. And if everyone is kind to each other the world will be saved! WAA as a page was my attempt to be that reminder.


SUKONNA: When did WAA start its journey and how was it?

Shiwani V Maya: It started outside Facebook on 2013, I worked alone back then with my family and friends who supported me. I started by promoting compassion and empathy, and I know no limits to love.I would celebrate special days like birthdays, Xmas, children’s day, deepawali and other festivals at the orphanages, government children hospital, with the homeless street children.

Give free hugs to promote happiness. Throw a pizza party homeless people. Donate winter clothes & shoes to the homeless and needy. I would collect donation from each and everyone I could, sometimes I had so much of 5 ruppees- 10 ruppees change that I would feel like a Nepali bus conductor.

As a Vegan, and an animal lover I never saw the difference between humans and animals and I loved and cared everyone equally. I would literally feed all the homeless animals came across, Dogs cows, birds and even monkeys.
So the journey from starting as a page, working solo, serving animals – to growing a team of 10 angels, organizing first of its kind all women seminar “The Awesome Women” & having a proper workplace feels like a dream come true, but this is not it, there is more to it.


SUKONNA: Who is the inspiration behind your decision to become an entrepreneur?

Shiwani V Maya: I am my own inspiration, I HATE being bossed around, I like do things my way. I’m open for suggestion but I don’t take orders. I tired working for someone else but I suck at it. Besides that I don’t like the phase “because we have always done it that way” I like working but like adding a fun Element to it, boring aint my thing.
WAA is an NGO; we stick to the Laws and rules but do things differently. I like being innovative and impactful.

SUKONNA: What kind of work WAA do?

Shiwani V Maya: WAA works on the area of Women empowerment, Health Education and developing compassion and empathy in the Nepalese society.

We do health promotion projects, conduct women empowerment seminars/ workshops, and other events to promote compassion empathy and happiness.

We recently did an all women seminar on 4th of March,2017 called the “The Awesome Women” and had around 500+ women participation. We had 5 successful women personalities from various fields as speakers through the event we tried to promote uniqueness and sisterhood in all women.


SUKONNA: What’s WAA’s vision and mission?

Shiwani V Maya: Our Vision is that all people of Nepal has the quality education and optimum health and well being especially who are poor, vulnerable, deprived and socially excluded and all Nepali women become  self sustaining and truly empowered

Our mission: To improve education by providing the resources and network of support to the children and youth in the low income communities .
To improve health through changing behaviors using health promotion techniques and promote happiness
To empower women by providing personal growth and development services through motivational events, mentoring and workshops.


SUKONNA: What is your future plan?

Shiwani V Maya: My future plans are to add more ventures, sssh I’ve couple of things in my mind. But my purpose in life is to inspire people to live their Dreams, so I’ll try doing that by being a inspirational speaker.


SUKONNA: Do you have any plan to guide the youth generation to be more involved with Social work?

Shiwani V Maya: Social work makes you a good human being. I feel like we all gotta give back to our society, we can’t just live earn pay bills party and die here. So of course I already do all I can to promote social works among the youth. I’ve 6 interns and about 20 on call volunteers working with my organization.


SUKONNA:  Thanks a lot, Shiwani V Maya for sharing your story with our readers.

Shiwani V Maya:  Thanks to SUKONNA. I wish SUKONNA good luck.

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