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Dr. Tauhida Rahman Ereen

If you love to work out regularly you’ve probably noticed some benefits. My advice to you all please don’t skip working out, as we quickly gain weight from the sedentary lifestyle and food habit.

Working out doesn’t just alter your physique—it affects your mental health and slow down ageing process. Great skincare starts before you set foot in the gym, spa , sauna , steam room or park.

Fortunately, these easy pre- and post-workout skincare tips can help ensure that your skin stays healthy, beautiful and glowing even on your hardest working out days.


Cleanse cleanse cleanse

Cleansing practices, are another element of working out skin care routine. Don’t forget to  wash your hands before and after working out. Leaving makeup and dirt on skin clogs pores, causes excessive dryness and even skin rashes. Strip of your make up before yoga, meditation or any sweating work out. The glow you’ll get from exercise looks so much better than bronzer, so this is my first after gym skin care tip.

The machines do breed bacteria, All those germs land right on your cheek and jaw line every time you touch those equipment’s causing  spots and irritation. so it best to keep your hands off of your skin. make a habit to carry a pack of anti-bacterial wipes to clean off equipment before you start. This will reduce the risk of transferring bacteria and sweat from others to your own skin or face as you use the machines.

Change out of those sweaty clothes

After a long work out session get off those sweaty clothing as soon as possible. Sweat blocks the pores of your skin, making a favorable environment for germ like bacteria, fungi. First pat dry the sweat from your skin with a soft clean towel. Jumping into hot shower with sweaty body will make your skin worse. Instead of long hot shower choose 10 minutes Luke warm water bath, as hot water strip off natural oil from your body.

Rehydrate your skin

Carry your own detox drink while jogging, cycling, swimming. Use seasonal Fruits, herbs for your drink. These fantastic detoxifier will improve your energy level, boost up immunity, burn your calorie and keep your body in perfect shape. Avoid sugary energy drink, take coconut water. You all might know the wonderful benefit of drinking coconut water. It’s packed with electrolytes, minerals, fiber. Stay hydrated Internally and externally . Because your body loses so much more moisture in heated environments, you’ll need to keep hydrating post-workout for your skin to recover. Replenish your moisture , pamper your skin with a skin friendly moisturiser .

Outdoor work outs

For those going out on a jog, don’t forget to cover up with sunscreen before you hit the pavement. Almost all the patients I see with melanomas on their legs are runners. Use sunscreen, This will protect your skin from toxic effect of UV Rays. Especially advisable for people who live in places of higher elevation. Make sure to wear sunglasses. Eye wear helps to protect some delicate parts of your face too.

Hair care

Avoid too much styling, simply make yourself comfortable with your hair do. Don’t put gel , oil  during working out . It will help you to add dandruff, scalp dermatitis. I love a low bun at the nape of the neck .  I myself have experienced, This will create a perfect bend in your hair when you work out. I also suggest working out in braids or hair twists.

Working out doesn’t have to mean compromising your skincare routine – and with just a few tricks, you can ensure you keep your complexion healthy and youthful.

The author is the Dermatologist of Surecell medical BD ltd.

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