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SUKONNA, as the word suggests as perfect women, is working to empower the women worldwide into the self-dependent perfect women. It is basically a platform for women started in Bangladesh, getting ahead to extend the community all over the world and make a common platform for all women where they can learn, share and connect with each other.

Laxmi Gautam
Country Manager, SUKONNA Nepal

SUKONNA aims to provide opportunities, entrepreneurship and provide support, fund, and mentorship regarding them. It is also working to provide training, health education, consultation and information regarding women. As a whole, SUKONNA is trying to be a platform to uplift women in every possible way.

SUKONNA is mainly focused on following things:

Women Entrepreneurship
Women Innovation
Women Opportunities
Women Health
Women Tech Education


SUKONNA is going to host an official opening ceremony and meet up in Bangladesh very soon. The event is planning on announcing their official chapters around the world and Nepal will be one of them. If you want to join SUKONNA you can follow SUKONNA’s official website which is currently in beta version and the full version is expected to open in the official opening ceremony. You can fill up the form if you are interested in joining the team. Also, to get updates follow SUKONNA on Facebook, you can follow the Facebook page.

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